off the grid

- this is not my blog - these are not my thoughts (living off the grid in the west village of nyc)

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Thursday, February 14, 2002

went to impalla cafe with s and cuz
did the met
i had a vanilla mouse foam crap
very bat
tasted like goat cheese
rode the bus home
sheila is in class
i wait so we can go do v-day


hung over severly
poor sheila has to do the show
cuz and i go to le bon bon
i have to do class prep
split a sandwhich with cuz from rafela
spend the day getting ready for it with a headache
went and had a good class
came home and crashed
sheila had to go to oscar dinner
bought s some planted tulips for her bedside, a card and some "ilove you" candies


cousin comes
eat at pepe
sheila is beat from getting ready for show
we all go to toy fair party at LOLA and proceed to get trashed on an open bar.
fucking cutting cold outside
sheila is wasted and thowing up in a trashcan by the bed when we get home
michael gets pizza


dig d


brought home pea soup
watched hawks take texas in ot

Sunday, February 10, 2002

watched olympics


watched the hawks win at chris's - beat bobby nite.
beforehand ate at le bonbon

folks are still half out of electricity.

sheila had to work, came home we ordered pizza wathced olympics.

went to mark and loris for marks 35 bday party.


no scone friday.
wiped out sick agian

we ate at white horse.

watched olympic cermony - it was awesome.

gell asleep before they lit the thorch - first time i slept in days.

Thursday, February 07, 2002

sick again

Wednesday, February 06, 2002

had fmd - spent the day getting ready.

couldn't sleep all nite which i would wake up with a sick soar throat.


hawks won last nite - a tuff ksatate battle.

vox - went to class - could be good - voice overs - yet another career

met with glen afterwards form howrich and brandwidth lisencing about website.

Monday, February 04, 2002


Spent the morning feeling questionable and getting ready for calss. Sheila came home for a nap becasue she felt awful from her benadryl saturation from lawst nite.

Superbowl Sunday

Got up and made biscuts - skipped church. Feeling a bit more normal. Did a little prep work for school. Sheila and I headed over to harolds new place on 20th and 7th - great gaf - he was quite chuffed (i sound like hugo). Anyway then we headed to bed bath and beyond and then to whole foods. Got some of the sooperbole sutff. Came home afeter more shopping - beat. Made martha stewart chicken wings as tough as shoe leather and jalapeno poppers that mad sheila break out in hives. Mark and Lori, Chris and Vicki, ate some of the crap we offered - not to mention we had a whole nacho fonduestyle set up. So much work and so little food eaten - bbad bad. I will never due that again. By the way the partiots upset the rams with a last minute feild goal.

Saturday, February 02, 2002

hung over

skipped boxing



Did our scone friday - it was a wet walk. Talked to my folks and they had been out of electricity and heat for over two days.




Thursday, January 31, 2002
got up and had to zoila proof everything.

sheila called and we got to chat for a bit. told her about the jason flash situation. escaped to le gamin on bedford then went over to marks for a bit.

waiting for my wife and csi.